Simi Valley PTA/PTSA Council



All workshops will be at 7pm at the School District Office. They will be on the dates as follows:

Membership - Aug 5th 

Parliamentarian - Aug 6

HSA - Aug 29th

Report of the Nominating Committee

 Here is all of our slate of officers for the 2018-2019 school year!

President - Liz Hernandez

1st VP Leadership - Julianne Ota

2nd VP Programs - Kathy Hinkle

3rd VP Membership - Lisa Megowan

Treasurer - Mary Morrissey

Secretary - Sherry Lorraine

Auditor - Pia Ramachandran

Historian -  Linda Davis 


Simi Valley PTA/PTSA Council will be adopting updated bylaws at our March Association Meeting. Updates include:

*Adding the description of officer duties to the bylaws standing rules (SR)

* Correcting typographical errors in the SR

* Removing a redundant SR and an SR that contradicts the bylaws

* Removing the restriction forbidding the council president to serve on the HSA Committee

* Revising the order of additional convention delegates 

* Changing the reference to the final Council Executive Board meeting from June to May or June. 

HSA Nominations

Click the button below to download the HSA Nomination form.